How Can I Avoid Business Communication Problems?

How can I protect my business?

Communication problems between your employees are typically a symptom of other major issues at your company. Your workers should feel as if they are on the same team and fighting towards the same goals. Problems communicating, rampant infighting and unhealthy competition can derail operations. In the worst-case scenario, it can ruin the reputation of your business and lead to rapid turnover. There are multiple ways you may avoid common communication problems.

  • Set clear expectations and goals. Your employees should have a clear understanding of what your business is trying to accomplish. All employees should also understand how you intend to accomplish these goals. Put your goals and expectations in writing. Clearly define job duties and responsibilities.
  • Avoid leaving employees in the dark. You should share critical information with employees. When you keep secrets and fail to share information, it leads to fear and distrust. Employees who do not receive critical information could see it as workplace bullying, which could hurt work performance and lead to high turnover.
  • Encourage teamwork. According to business consultant Dave Ramsey, you should create a shared vision for your company, such as a mission statement. This could help foster teamwork among your employees. Your employees should see each other as team members working towards the same goals and not as competitors. If certain employees or departments do not like each other, then you should intervene and encourage cooperation.
  • Build a legacy. According to Dave Ramsey, smart business leaders build a legacy. Ramsey argues that business owners should share their personal stories on the sacrifice and hard work it took to build their companies. These stories should become part of the company culture. A legacy can help your employees understand what you believe is important for building a successful company.
  • Be respectful to your employees. It is inevitable that your employees will make mistakes. Avoid responding with angry emails or phone calls. Being disrespectful to employees could harm work performance. It could also lead to turnover during important projects.

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