Apple’s 4 Best Marketing Lessons for Business Owners

Close-up image of a firm handshake between two colleagues in offApple has some of the best marketing lessons for any business leader who studies them. This innovative technology company went from a California garage to an international legend, then dropped into near bankruptcy before the historic revival that transformed it into one of the greatest companies of our time. Steve Jobs was famous for his ability to create and market a brand. Here are some of the best lessons his company’s example can teach a business leader.

The 4 Best Marketing Lessons

  • Less is more: Steve Job studied design and Zen Buddhism, which together led him to develop a preference for simplicity. Most people don’t know that the original Apple logo was far more complicated; it showed a young Isaac Newton under a tree. Though it was well executed, it lacked the simple appeal of the current logo. Generally, if there are multiple paths, the simplest design choice is the best one.
  • Value over price: Apple’s products are not known for their affordability. Instead, they aim to be on the cutting edge both aesthetically and technologically. This allows them to keep ahead of the trends and offer a value proposition that goes beyond the usual price sensitivity. The iPhone was far more expensive than other phones when it came out, but there also weren’t any other phones that could do what the iPhone could.
  • Know where you stand: A brand is in many ways to a business what a personal identity is to a person. What is your brand? What does it stand for? Apple painted a picture of an artistic and innovative company in ads like its famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial. Know what your business identity is and what its values are.
  • It’s all about customer experience: The best marketing starts with the product itself. In the early days of technology, engineers would create a technical feature, and then marketers would make a plan to sell it. Apple reversed this process. They started with the user experience they wanted to market, and then pushed their technical teams to deliver on that promise. Try to make your company’s primary focus the consumer experience. It’s easier to market the essential vibe of your product when you understand what you are really selling are experiences.

Studying great businesses and their accomplishments can be an excellent exercise for business leaders. It can help to watch what others have done well and incorporate it into your own vision. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the marketing techniques you can learn from Apple, but it gives you a sense for the many ways they do things differently.

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