5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Your Small Business is Struggling

Staying motivated as a small business owner.Struggle is a normal part of any early-phase business, but how do you stay motivated when things are tough? It can be hard to put in those insane hours when you’re burning through cash, frantically chasing customers and endlessly looking to get funding. Here are some simple ideas for how to stay energized.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Your Small Business is Struggling

  1. Pick the right team: If you are working your butt off to keep your company floating, you can’t afford to surround yourself with negative people who give up easily. Choose a team that is not only talented, but also hardworking and optimistic enough to make you want to come to work every day. Build a culture where everyone can feed off each other’s positive energy when they feel worn down.
  2. It’s not about you: Sometimes things are going to be so hard that you no longer feel like the grind is worth it. That’s when you remember the company was never just about you. If your love of the business isn’t enough, consider your employees, investors, customers, and the friends and family who are counting on you. It really puts things in perspective.
  3. Remember where you come from: It can help to put your business in the context of the larger story of your life. If you own a business, you have already accomplished on lot. Take inspiration from your past hustles, victories and sacrifices. You’ve gone through hardships in the past, and now it’s your next chance to rise.
  4. Consider your mission: If the checks aren’t coming in and you haven’t slept in a while, it can be a huge comfort to know that it’s not all about money. Take a step back from the grind and remember the problem you are trying to solve for your customers. Passion is often a more powerful motivator than anxiety, ambition or fear.
  5. Grit does the rest: Despite these other tips, sometimes you won’t be able to be motivated. Perhaps the biggest asset of an entrepreneur is the ability to pull hard work out of yourself when you don’t want to. This is what some people call grit. While you don’t want to live your life in this emotional state, it is a priceless attribute during the biggest challenges.

It’s normal to occasionally struggle to find motivation, especially when your company is going through a hard time. Just keep in mind that if you are constantly feeling unmotivated, it might be time to consider a different path. Sometimes low motivation is your brain’s way of telling you to move on.

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