3 Tips for Creating a Collaborative Culture at Your Business

Working in teamCreating a collaborative culture can be more difficult than many entrepreneurs suspect. It’s not always easy to get your entire team working together towards the same objectives. Even a good team can lose sight of its goals in small ways that create inefficiency and confusion. Here’s a look at how to build a collaborative culture and get your entire business on the same page.

Three Ways to Build a Collaborative Culture:

  • Summarize your vision in simple terms: The larger your organization, the more likely it is that your employees have diverging motives and objectives. Ideas about mission will depend on department, personality and perspective. To build true collaboration, you will want everyone on the team to be working towards the same goals. Work with your employees to build a simple and universal mission for the organization, then communicate it clearly. This will eliminate ambiguity surrounding the underlying reasons for every action the organization takes.
  • Reinforce clear communication and accountability: Develop processes that enable clear communication between employees, particularly between managers and their teams. Good communication will let your leadership know if their teams are working on tasks that have an impact on the larger mission. This will allow management to reward employees whose actions are most connected to the company mission. Additionally, clear communication will allow employees to identify opportunities to collaborate. If employees don’t know what’s happening elsewhere in the organization, they will be less likely to work together.
  • Monitor and correct: Don’t expect you new methods to take right away. Monitor your team, and have your managers do the same for theirs. Make corrections where you think aspects of communication may be weak or where you see redundancies in effort. Overtime, your culture will correct itself to fit the new mold.

These are only a few ways in which good leaders help encourage collaboration at their organizations. If your team has good communication and a clear mission, they will have a much easier time working together to achieve these goals.

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