007 Ways to Run a New Business Like James Bond

Businessman pointing at document with chart during discussion with colleagueWhether this is your first mission, or one of a hundred, every new business owner will tell you that it is hard work. There are some out there that have mastered the art of entrepreneurship. We’ve squeezed those agents for information and turned it into a target list of seven ways to run a new business like James Bond runs up a bar tab for shaken martinis.

  • For Your Eyes Only – Recognize unique opportunities. Try to find new opportunities to better your business. Don’t let chances slip through your fingers and you may have an edge on the competition.
  • The Man with the Golden Gun – Be creative. Think of ways to make things easier for you and your business. Think outside of the box and you may come up with unconventional but effective strategies that make you stand out.
  • The Living DaylightsGet comfortable with risk. Don’t be afraid to invest time and resources into an idea. If you let risk scare you too much you may miss out on some seriously great opportunities.
  • Die Another Day Adapt to situations. Things happen, problems will arise; Learn to change and adapt to every problem and your business will thrive.
  • Tomorrow Never Dies Think ahead. Always have thoughts of the future in the back of your mind. Being prepared for future changes in trends in key for longevity. Tomorrow never dies if you’re prepared to handle it.
  • The World Is Not Enough – Take initiative and self-motivate. Don’t wait for someone else to set your goals for you. Set high goals for yourself and know that you can reach them.
  • The Spy Who Loved MeEnjoy what you do. If you don’t enjoy your work, it will reflect in the business. It’s better to just quit now and try something new if you can’t enjoy what you do.

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